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19 Surprising Things you can Throw in your Washing Machine

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Assume washing machines are only for doing laundry? Think once more. “One of the most worthy cleansing tips I’ve realized over the years is that you can clean a lot more than clothes, towels, and bedding in your washing machine,” says Jill Nystul, owner of the homekeeping weblog One Good Thing By Jillee. Here is a complete record of unexpected objects you may wash in your washing machine that can save you countless hours of time and effort.

Shower Curtain Liners

Machine wash your shower curtain liner to remove soap scum and mildew, says Nystul. “The baking soda will help loosen the gunk,” she says. “And the towels will assist scrub it away.” Add a couple of bath towels to the load to “cushion” the liner and keep it from tearing. Use a small quantity of your common detergent and 1 cup of baking soda.

Patio Chair Cushions

These can get quite soiled after a couple of seasons outside. Before you set them away (or bring them out again), wash your chair cushions in chilly water on a gentle cycle, tackling stains first with a pre-treater if necessary, says Nystul. Allow them to air dry completely earlier than storing or utilizing.

Automotive Mats

As lengthy because the flooring mats in your automobile or truck aren’t too big or too heavy, you possibly can wash them in your washing machine, says Nystul. “They’ll look so significantly better after a very good cleansing.”

Rubber-Backed Rugs and Mats

These items can handle the occasional wash. (Washing them too usually will likely trigger the backing to lose its grip.) Only wash them after they really need it, says Nystul, and vacuum them typically to keep them clear.

Reusable Mop Heads

How do you clear an merchandise that is used to wash the remainder of the home? Be sure that to put them within the dryer alone, nonetheless, as including gadgets like towels within the dryer can ruin them. Throw it within the washing machine on sizzling, says Melanie Jackson, director of operations for The Minte, a resort-model housekeeping service in Chicago and Washington, D.C.

Leather Purses

Even the cleansing specialists were uncertain about this one. “After i first learn that you can wash a leather purse in your washing machine, I used to be highly skeptical. I used to be certain the purse was bound to get ruined,” says Nystul. “However curiosity often will get the best of me, so I gave it a attempt. And it completely labored!” She used liquid castile soap and washed the purse on a gentle cycle.

Hair Ties and Headbands

Retro Style Window Air ConditionersOver time, hair equipment can get coated in buildup from oil and hair products, so that they want a good wash each every now and then. Toss all of them right into a small mesh bag and throw them in together with your subsequent load of laundry, recommends Nystul.


To clean lace curtains within the washing machine, zip them into a mesh bag first, says Nystul. Avoid machine-washing heavy or velvet curtains. Conventional fabric curtains might be washed on a delicate cycle in cold water.

Bath Mats

kitchen05Wash on sizzling to sanitize correctly, says Jackson, then tumble dry for about 30 minutes to restore the fluff. Cling to completely dry after the tumble cycle.

Sheepskin Boots

If you have a pair of previous UGGs that have seen better days, strive washing them, says Nystul. Allow them to air-dry overnight. Start by brushing off any free dirt from the surface. Use the delicate setting on your washer and cold water. Remove the boots instantly as soon as the wash is completed, and give the fleece lining a very good fluff. Then put the boots in a mesh bag and place them in your washer with a couple of bath towels.

Children’s Toys and Stuffed Animals

Nothing will get fairly as soiled as a toddler’s favorite toy. But they hold up positive within the washing machine and dryer, as long as you use low heat. You may all the time wash a batch of plastic toys this way, she says. Johnson recommends placing them in a pillowcase and securing the top with a rubber band to keep the toys together within the wash.

Yoga Mats

Wash yoga mats in cold water on a delicate setting, and let them air dry flat, says Nystul.

The Age Old Debate in Choosing Your Furnace - Gas vs. ElectricCanvas Footwear and Sneakers

Take away the laces and zip them into a mesh bag, says Nystul. (This helps keep the footwear from banging around so much in the wash.) After washing, let the footwear air dry completely. Place the sneakers and the bag in your washer, together with two or three bath towels.

Backpacks and Gym Bags

Place bags with straps inside a mesh bag earlier than washing, says Nystul. If you do not have a mesh bag massive sufficient, you’ll be able to flip the bag inside out so the straps stay contained. Open and unzip all of the pockets before washing, and dangle to dry completely.

Curtain Sheers

Wash these with OxiClean, and they’ll come out unbelievably white, says Jackson. You’ll want to hold them to dry, they usually may have a quick steam with a handheld steamer to take away wrinkles.

Baseball Hats

You may safely wash almost any trendy baseball cap with chilly water on delicate cycle as a result of the brims have a plastic core. (Vintage baseball caps, nonetheless, are more likely to have a cardboard brim, so you definitely don’t want to run them by the wash, says Nystul.)

Reusable Grocery Luggage

Wash your reusable grocery luggage each few weeks to keep them sanitary. Nystul says she’s washed both vinyl and cloth luggage in her washer successfully.

Pet Collars and Leashes

Nylon collars and leashes could be washed anytime, says Nystul. Just place them in a mesh bag first.

Pet Beds

Numerous pet beds have removable covers, which makes washing them tremendous easy. If yours doesn’t have a removable cowl, listed here are a number of tips from Nystul for washing it: Start by vacuuming any hair or dirt off the surface, then wash with a gentle detergent. Place it in your dryer for 10-20 minutes to provide it a head start on drying, then let it air dry the remainder of the way earlier than returning the mattress to your pet.

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