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Electrical Backup for a Gas Furnace

COLLECTION-170 OF SUNGLASSES - 5 modelsThis article will describe how I can keep my gas furnace working and warm my home even when electricity isn’t obtainable from the native energy grid.

Modern kitchen 67Understand how to maintain your gas furnace and air conditioning issues operating even when electric energy is down!

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Gas Furnace | Keep Heat Even When Electricity Is Down

What is a Gas Furnace?

A gas furnace is a furnace powered by natural gas to provide heat in low room temperatures. My gas furnace has a variable speed fan motor to push warm air by the vent ducts in our house.

A single power cord connects the furnace fan motor and the thermostat to 120 VAC energy.

1. Gas Furnace with AC Energy Connection

During a recent cleaning and upkeep verify, the service technician took quite a few measurements that I recorded for reference and future design planning. The furnace is sort of environment friendly.

White Lilies In Beam Of LightIt attracts 2.Zero Amps beneath normal operation and 3.9 Amps when the variable speed motor is working. The utmost draw is at 5.0 Amps utilizing a clamp-on multimeter.

This means that 10.0 Amps is probably going the very best surge present expected for this furnace’s variable speed motor.

2. Digital Clamp-On Multimeter for Measuring Actual AC Present Draw

As I discussed in the last article, my solar power system makes use of a Sunny Boy 3800TL-US SMA inverter with a secure AC electrical backup socket. The actual socket connection is under the cowl.

3. Inverter with 120VAC, 12.5A Backup Energy

This inverter can produce 1500 watts of a hundred and ten volts AC and may present 12.5 amps if grid power goes out and the solar remains to be shining. I want simply 5.Zero amps, so the secure power from the inverter works simply fine throughout sunny days.

4. Configuration Providing 120VAC Backup from the Photo voltaic Array

Since a solar day right here is about 7 hours lengthy, I need one other approach to provide electricity for the 17 hours my photo voltaic panels aren’t producing power. I determined to use the Honda 2200i portable generator.

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5. Gasoline-Powered Electric Generator

The 2200i has a number of external energy sockets and may produce 2200 watts of 120VAC utilizing unleaded gas. The 1-gallon gasoline tank within the 2200i can keep the generator going for about 5 hours-9.6 hours if the economy burn charge is set on the generator.

It’s been fairly reliable-and quiet.

6. Generator Driving a Pure Gas Furnace

Connecting a 6-gallon marine fuel tank to the 2200i gave me a 7-gallon power system that can drive this generator for between 35 and over 67 continuous hours-normal setting or “economy” setting.

7. Power Cord From the Furnace Plugs

This reveals methods to energy your furnace with a solar or gasoline-powered generator throughout a energy outage.

8. Generator with Expanded Gas Storage for Over 67 Hours of 120VAC

By including a number of 6-gallon gasoline tanks, you’ll be able to run a generator constantly for days, however this single tank design is actually all I want to provide 24/7 again up and keep my house heat and snug while electrical energy is out.

Multiple fuel tanks just mean fewer refills. Throughout operational assessments, the inverter safe energy provide and the fuel generator labored just wonderful and offered energy to keep the furnace working as desired.

Apart from the time to disconnect from the SMA inverter and plug the furnace right into a energy cord from the Honda 2200i generator, I experienced no downtime of significance.

I used the economic system setting for the generator, which gave me approximately 9.6 hours of run time for each gallon of fuel.

Throughout sunny circumstances, the generator can be used roughly 17 hours every day, so the 7-gallon gasoline supply may simply present over 5 days of furnace operation-or indefinitely by refilling the marine gasoline tank periodically while the solar-driven SMA inverter was providing energy to the furnace.

Even on sunless days, the generator could drive the furnace for 67 hours repeatedly earlier than gas refill could be required.

Home heating and air conditioning were main considerations for me, and the SMA secure power and fuel generator configuration met the problem.

My wife is completely satisfied as she no longer worries about heating and cooling our home and keeping meals cold throughout emergency situations, and I’m glad because the issue of discovering a supply for emergency energy backup for these main appliances has now been resolved.

Watch this video by Word of recommendation Tv for some helpful furnace maintenance tips:

Maintaining the heat in your house is essential especially in the cold seasons. With the precise solar panel setup, the absence of electricity is not an issue to energy up your gas furnace.

It’s a terrific again up for protecting heat in emergency conditions.

Do you’ve gotten your personal electricity again up in your gas furnace at residence? Inform us within the feedback part below!

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January 22, 2019 at 12:52 PM

So I should ask – how do you find gasoline throughout a power outage? Also, how do you full these hook-ups to energy inverters and generators? Gas stations can’t pump without power. It solely shops so long at residence and in low portions, particularly if you reside in a rented duplex. How do you safe your generator & gasoline tanks? A fuel generator must be outside when operating and in the last energy outage I experienced, generators have been stolen right out of the yards (whereas working) of the homeowners. Gas becomes a major shortage in emergency situations.


Might 13, 2019 at 12:24 AM

Take a look at a product known as “PRI-G” for gas and “PRI-D” for diesel. Verify with places that sell boats or campers. I talked to someone with the corporate who mentioned they introduced 10 yr old gasoline in a can again to a use-ready state. They usually promote it. I’ve saved fuel recent in a can for over 1.5 years. It’ll keep in its container for many years. I love the stuff.


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Harvey Richardson

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Possibly I’m missing something.
Without power how is the natural gasoline getting pumped to the furnace?

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