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Gas Furnace Parts

luke skywalker lightsaber 2 3d 3dsSWT01280 Trane Excessive Temp. Restrict Swap (for TUE furnaces and 246 different Trane, American Standard and Cumberland, come see checklist) Used in (260) Trane and American Customary furnaces. ADD060R937F4 ADD060R9V3C5 ADD060R9V3C6 ADD060R9V3D0 ADD060R9V3E0 ADD060R9V3F0 ADD060R9V3F1 ADD060R9V3F2 ADD060R9V3F3 ADD060R9V3F4 ADD060R9V3F5 ADD080C945A1 ADD080C945A2 ADD080C945B0 ADD080C945B1 ADD080C945C0 ADD080C945C1 ADD080C945C3 ADD080C945C4 ADD080C945D0 ADD080C945E0 ADD080C945F0 ADD080C945F1 ADD080C945F2 ADD080C945F3 ADD080R9V3A1 ADD080R9V3B0 ADD080R9V3B1 ADD080R9V3C0 ADD080R9V3C1 ADD080R9V3C3 ADD080R9V3C4 ADD080R9V3C5 ADD080R9V3C6 ADD080R9V3D0 ADD080R9V3E0 ADD080R9V3F0 ADD080R9V3F1 ADD080R9V3F2 ADD080R9V3F3 ADD080R9V3F4 ADD080R9V3F5 ADD120C960A1 ADD120C960A2 ADD120C960B0 ADD120C960B1 ADD120C960C0 ADD120C960C3 ADD120C960C4 ADD1B060A9361AA ADD1B060A9361AB ADD1B080A9451AA ADD1B080A9451AB ADD1B080A9H31AA ADD1B080A9H31BA ADD1B080A9H31BB ADD2B060A9362AA ADD2B060A9362AB ADD2B060A9362AC ADD2B060A9V3VAA ADD2B080A9V3VAA ADE1B060A9361AA ADE1B060A9361AB ADE1B080A9451AA ADE1B080A9451AB AUD120C960J0 AUD120C960J1 AUD120C960K0 AUD120C960K1 AUD120C960K2 AUD120C960K4 AUD120R954K0 AUD120R954K1 AUD120R954K2 AUD120R954K4 AUD120R960H5 AUD120R960J0 AUD120R960J1 AUD120R960K5 AUD1C100A9601AB AUD1C100A9H51BB AUD1D100A9721AB AUD1D120A9601AA AUD1D120A9601AB AUD2C100A9602AB AUD2C100A9602AC AUD2D120A9602AA AUD2D120A9602AB AUD2D120A9602AC AUE1C100A9601AC AUE1D120A9601AA AUE1D120A9601AB AUE1D120A9601AC CDB060A937D3 CDB080A945A0 CDB080A945B0 CDB080A945C0 CDB080A945C1 CDB080A945D0 CDB080A945D1 CDB080A945D2 CDB080A945D3 CDB1B060A9361AA CDB1B060A9361AB CDB1B080A9451AA CDB1B080A9451AB CDE080A945C1 CDE080A945K0 CDE080A945K1 CDE120A960C1 CDE120A960K0 CDE120A960K1 CUB120A960A0 CUB120A960B0 CUB120A960B1 CUB120A960C0 CUB120A960C1 CUB120A960C3 CUB120A960C4 CUB1C100A9601AC CUB1D120A9601AA CUB1D120A9601AB CUB1D120A9601AC FCAB080A40A0 FCAB080A40A1 FCAB080A40B1 FCAB080A40C0 FCAB080A40D0 FCAB080A40D1 FCAB080A40E0 FCAD120A50A0 FCAD120A50A1 FCAD120A50B1 FCAD120A50C0 FCAD120A50D0 FCAD120A50D1 FCAD120A50E0 TDD060R937F4 TDD060R9V3C5 TDD060R9V3C6 TDD060R9V3D0 TDD060R9V3E0 TDD060R9V3F0 TDD060R9V3F1 TDD060R9V3F2 TDD060R9V3F3 TDD060R9V3F4 TDD060R9V3F5 TDD080C945A0 TDD080C945A1 TDD080C945A2 TDD080C945B0 TDD080C945B1 TDD080C945C0 TDD080C945C1 TDD080C945C3 TDD080C945C4 TDD080C945D0 TDD080C945E0 TDD080C945F0 TDD080C945F1 TDD080C945F2 TDD080C945F3 TDD080R9V3A1 TDD080R9V3B0 TDD080R9V3B1 TDD080R9V3C0 TDD080R9V3C1 TDD080R9V3C3 TDD080R9V3C4 TDD080R9V3C5 TDD080R9V3C6 TDD080R9V3D0 TDD080R9V3E0 TDD080R9V3F0 TDD080R9V3F1 TDD080R9V3F2 TDD080R9V3F3 TDD080R9V3F4 TDD080R9V3F5 TDD120C960A0 TDD120C960A1 TDD120C960A2 TDD120C960B0 TDD120C960B1 TDD120C960C0 TDD120C960C3 TDD120C960C4 TDD1B060A9361AA TDD1B060A9361AB TDD1B080A9451AA TDD1B080A9451AB TDD1B080A9H31AA TDD1B080A9H31BA TDD1B080A9H31BB TDD2B060A9362AA TDD2B060A9362AB TDD2B060A9362AC TDD2B060A9V3VAA TDD2B080A9V3VAA TDE060A937M2 TDE080A945A1 TDE080A945B0 TDE080A945C0 TDE080A945C1 TDE080A945H0 TDE080A945H1 TDE080A945K0 TDE080A945K1 TDE080A945K2 TDE080A945L0 TDE080A945L1 TDE080A945M0 TDE080A945M1 TDE080A945M2 TDE120A960A1 TDE120A960B0 TDE120A960C0 TDE120A960C1 TDE120A960K0 TDE120A960K1 TDE120A960M0 TDE120A960M1 TDE1B060A9361AA TDE1B060A9361AB TDE1B080A9451AA TDE1B080A9451AB TUD120C960J0 TUD120C960J1 TUD120C960K0 TUD120C960K1 TUD120C960K2 TUD120C960K4 TUD120R954K0 TUD120R954K1 TUD120R954K2 TUD120R954K4 TUD120R960H5 TUD120R960J0 TUD120R960J1 TUD120R960K5 TUD1C100A9601AB TUD1C100A9H51BB TUD1D100A9721AB TUD1D120A9601AA TUD1D120A9601AB TUD2C100A9602AB TUD2C100A9602AC TUD2D120A9602AA TUD2D120A9602AB TUD2D120A9602AC TUE120A960K2 TUE120A960K3 TUE120A960L0 TUE120A960L1 TUE120A960L3 TUE1C100A9601AC TUE1D120A9601AA TUE1D120A9601AB TUE1D120A9601AC

Asphalt Plant Dryer Machine0809/0I R.T.V. High Temperature Silicone Sealant Used to seal furnace inducers and as a fireplace cease on flue pipes between floors and roofs. Note: In case you are ordering a Fasco substitute Inducer please order this as the Fasco Inducers normally do not include a gasket, so if you can’t salvage your existing gasket, you will have this to make a new gasket!

1172197 ICP Stress Switch Come see the large record of furnaces this pressure swap is found in.

51-23012-41 Journey Saver Motor 115 Volt This motor can be used in many furnace blower application on almost any brand of furnace, come test it out!

kitchen 030A136 Fasco Rheem-Ruud Inducer Replaces Fasco quantity 7062-3861

Blower Motors Indoor Furnace and Package deal Unit Blower Motors

Circuit Boards, Control Boards and Fan Timers

Condensate Overflow Switch

Doolin’s H.V.A.C. Troubleshooting Bible (used nationwide by Trade Schools and repair Techs)

Fan middle for older furnaces (as present in older furnaces)
(Inbuilt transformer and relay on 4″x4″ mounting plate)

Furnace – AC Repair Manuals

Furnace Draft Inducer Motors

Furnace Duct Booster Fans 6″, 7″ and 8″ duct booster followers and equipment

Furnace Flame Sensors

Furnace Vibration Absorbers (Small rubber squares to place underneath noisy gear)

High Temperature Restrict swap and Plenum thermostats

Scorching Surface Igniters

Ignition Controls

Leak Finder Resolution

lemonMOT03480 G.E.-Trane 1/2 HP Furnace Blower Motor Utilized in the following (14) G.E. and Trane furnaces:
BLD060K942B2, BLD060K942B3, BLD060K942B4, BLD080K942B2
BLD080K942B3, BLD080K942B4, BLD100K948B2, BLD100K948B3
BLD100K948B4, BLU100K948B2, BLU100K948B3, BLU100K948B4
BLU120K948B2, BLU120K948B3


Pressure Switches for Heating and Air Conditioning

RBM 90-340 Switching Relay

S1-37320717001 York Furnace Draft Inducer York Part quantity S1-37320717001 replaces 024-27641-000, 02427641000. Found in York G9T upflow furnaces. Voltage: A hundred and fifteen Amps: .7 RPM: 3450 Fasco # 7062-5766

Sidewall Flue Vent Equipment for 90% Furnaces ( disguise those ugly white P.V.C. Pipes with a manufacturing unit made package made for this purpose)

Standing Pilot Thermocouples (As present in most older furnaces, water heaters and different tools that uses a continually burning gas pilot)

SWT01263 Trane Excessive Temp. Limit Swap (see checklist of 193 Trane, American Commonplace and Cumberland it fits)

SWT01611 Trane High Temperature Restrict Swap Come see the list of (189)Trane and American Normal furnaces it really works in.

SWT01635 Trane High Temp Restrict Change (see record of 347 Trane and American Commonplace furnaces it works in)

SWT01652 Trane Furnace restrict swap Present in 244 furnaces. Come see the checklist of Fashions.

SWT01729 Trane Excessive Temperature Plenum Thermostat (see listing of 86 Trane, Cumberland and American Normal furnaces this matches)

SWT02513 Trane Pressure Change See list of (22) Trane, American Customary and Cumberland furnaces that use this below.
ADC100C948B4, ADC100C948B5, ADC100C948B6, ADC100C948B7, ADC100C948B8 ADC100C948BA, AUC100C948A0, AUC100C948A1, CDC100A948A0, CDC100A948A1 CDC100A948A2, CDC100A948A3, CDC100A948A5, CDC100A948A6, TDC100C948B4 TDC100C948B5, TDC100C948B6, TDC100C948B7, TDC100C948B8, TDC100C948BA TUC100C948A0, TUC100C948A1

On a lark at The Hood Kitchen Space 3-28-15SWT1273 Trane High Temp. Limit Change See listing of (74) Trane, Cumberland and American Normal furnaces it works in below.

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