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How to Clean a Kitchen Range Hood Filter

Food3 food hot illustration medal pot riceVary hoods are often a focal level in kitchen spaces, coming in lots of designs and types. It is the vary hood’s job to lure grease and smoke via the filter earlier than they contaminate the home’s HVAC system and probably contribute to a house fireplace. The purposeful elements of a variety hood are its filter, circulating fan, and venting duct.

Whether you’ve gotten a statement hood cover, a easy metallic vent mounted below a cabinet, or a mixture vent and microwave unit, cleansing is crucial to make the hood look, odor, and perform like new.


A wonderful way to test if your vent is working correctly is to hold a chunk of newspaper over the vent. The vent is working if the paper is sucked up and held in place.

How Typically to clean a Kitchen Vary Hood

If you happen to cook every day, you must clear the inside and outside of the hood and the filter month-to-month. All the time clean the filter after getting ready a holiday feast, even if you do not clear the remainder of the hood. If you aren’t a frequent chef, seasonal cleaning can be sufficient.

A sign that it is time to clean the hood is that if smoke doesn’t clear from the room, even on the best setting. This malfunction may imply the filter or ductwork is clogged with grease and needs cleaning. The motor or fan may need cleansing to get it running correctly. One other indicator that you could clean the hood is if the motor is humming loudly or continuously. A loud motor signifies it’s working harder than common.

What You will Want

2122xx Lumina Lightstar Recessed spotlightEquipment / Tools

– Gentle nylon-bristled brush
– Sink or giant metallic or glass basin

– Baking soda
– Degreasing dish cleaning soap
– Boiling water

– Spray-on degreaser or DIY vinegar solution
– Paper towels or cleansing rags


How to clean a spread Hood Filter

1. Remove the Filter

To remove a reusable filter, both slide it out or discover the latch you utilize to pop it out.

2. Put together the Cleaning Solution

Fill a sink with boiling water. Add one to two tablespoons of dishwashing liquid to the water. Ensure that the dishwashing soap label states that it incorporates a degreaser. Add one-half cup baking soda and mix the answer effectively. If the sink is not out there, use a big pot or glass baking dish that is heatproof.

3. Soak the Filter

Submerge the filter into the answer and let it soak for at least quarter-hour. No have to scrub now; let the cleaners do the heavy-lifting. If you get distracted, try to remove it earlier than the water cools fully and the grease resettles on the filter.

4. Scrub the Filter and Rinse

Wiring 3D ModelsNext, use the scrub brush to remove grease or food particles nonetheless clinging to the filter. Rinse properly with hot water and dry totally earlier than inserting again in the range hood.

House on an island with interiorHow to wash the Vary Hood Surfaces

1. Apply the Degreaser

Make sure that the stovetop is obvious of any utensils (chances are you’ll get drips), and spray on the degreaser or a homemade vinegar solution. Permit it to work for at the very least quarter-hour.

2. Wipe Away Degreaser

INDUSTRIAL WOOL DRYERUse paper towels to wipe away the cleaner and the grime. If any particles are left, spritz a bit of degreaser on a nylon-bristled brush and scrub these areas. End by wiping away any remaining residue.

3. Rinse Properly

Lastly, dip a clean paper towel or cloth in warm water and rinse the inside to remove any remaining cleaner.

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Tips to maintain a Kitchen Range Hood Clean Longer

Every type of vary hood has a filter that fits over the fan and helps catch grease and meals before entering the ductwork. Verify the manufacturer directions. Cleansing the filter is the simplest a part of the job and would not require harsh chemicals. Most are steel that can be cleaned and reused for many years, while some are disposable charcoal filters.

Cleaning the exterior surface depends on the type of fabric used for the hood. To prevent streaks on stainless steel, use a drop or two of olive oil on a microfiber cloth for a final polish. Most below-the-cabinet hoods or mounted microwaves with a vent are either stainless steel or painted metal. Use a degreasing cleaning product really useful for those finishes and a delicate cloth to remove the grease.

Giant decorative hoods needs to be dusted weekly and cleaned monthly to keep up magnificence. Copper and brass metal hoods may be extremely polished or allowed to develop an aged patina. Comply with the builder or manufacturer’s tips for various kinds of finishes.

How to scrub Inside or Exterior of Hood With a Homemade Degreaser Answer

You possibly can remedy grease buildup on the hood with a business degreaser, a rag soaked with undiluted vinegar, or a spray of half vinegar and half water answer. This mild acid is powerful enough to chop via grease and has no harsh fumes or chemicals. Vinegar is composed of 95% water and 5% acetic acid. It does not scent nice at first, however the scent dissipates after a couple of minutes.


Avoid utilizing vinegar on marble, granite, wooden finishes, and porous tile. Acetic acid can corrode and remove the shine from onerous surfaces and finishes.

Holding Coffee In BedWhen to Call a professional

If the vent fan just isn’t working-and you do not know why-it is time to name a restore skilled. Earlier than you make the call, try to wash the interior elements, together with the motor and fan, and if you notice the ventilation just isn’t working, or a loud sound lingers, the fan may be malfunctioning. The motor might have to be cleaned to prevent rubbing or grinding.

If a motor needs alternative, it may possibly value about $one hundred to exchange. However, if the entire assembly needs replacement, it may common about $500-kind of, depending on the mannequin and your region.

One other indicator that you must call a repair professional is that if the lights or buttons usually are not working. It can be an electrical wiring downside requiring an electrician or service skilled to diagnose and repair it.

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