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I made 5 Recipes using a Clothes Iron and didn’t Burn down my Dorm

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I woke up the other day craving pancakes. Sadly, the freshman dorms don’t provide something in the kitchen division apart from a mini fridge and microwave. Certain, we had a waffle iron, however I used to be simply craving the great, old school skillet pancakes that I used to make once i still had a kitchen *sigh.*

I decided to google my choices. I discovered tons of mug cakes and issues of that selection but not the round, lovely pancakes that I was envisioning

That’s when i seemed up and observed my roommate’s clothes iron. I remembered hearing tales of poor, resourceful school college students that used clothes irons to cook issues of their dorm room, so I decided to do a little research. It seems clothes iron cooking is actually sort of common and there are fairly a number of recipes for foods you can also make utilizing this unconventional method.

I thought it can be an interesting and humorous experiment to try out a few of those recipes and report again my experience!

1. Quesadilla

Ah, the classic. That is the recipe I saw time and again in my research of clothes iron recipes. The instructions for making this were easy sufficient. Because the quesadilla heated up within the foil packet, I may hear the faint sizzle of the cheese cooking. All I had to do was put some cheese on a tortilla, fold it up, cover it in aluminum foil, and heat each aspect for about two minutes on each side. I knew this was going to be good

After i took it out, it it had a nice golden brown coloration. Unlike the limp, soggy mess that’s created when trying to microwave a quesadilla, this model crunched when i bit into it and all of the cheese inside was uniformly melted. There is certainly a purpose why this recipe is so fashionable. It’s easy, it’s easy, and it’s completely delicious.

2. S’mores

Car Conditioner Gauge Icon car conditioner gauge icon manometer pixel perfectI really wanted this one to work out. However the prospect of having a technique to make s’mores in my dorm when i needed to pretend it was nonetheless summer season simply seemed too good to be true. And it was.

After repeatedly flipping and ironing the little aluminum packet, I opened it up only to find that the strain of the iron had cracked the graham cracker. Not only that, but beneath the graham cracker was an unmelted, squished marshmallow.

However, I ate it for the sake of the experiment and let me inform you: nothing is sadder than an undercooked s’extra. If you are really craving a s’extra in your dorm room, you’re higher off taking your chances with the microwave.

3. Grilled PB & J

So for this one, I decided to strive an improve on the faculty traditional by substituting Pumpkin Butter for jelly. Since there were no tips for making a grilled PB&J, I determined to follow the recipe for making a grilled cheese with an iron. The images of the grilled cheese promised me a wonderfully toasted sandwich, however once i unwrapped it, there have been solely the faintest marks that it had been toasted.

Nonetheless, I determined to keep an open mind as I tried it and let me inform you, I won’t ever be happy with a traditional PB&J again. The iron perfectly melted the peanut butter and, though the sandwich did not seem toasted, it had just the right amount of crunch. I will certainly be trying this one again!

Brastemp Iconography appliance fridge home icon machine oven washing4. Omelet

I was really skeptical about this one, however I discovered a bunch of articles claiming that this was people’s go-to meal when staying in accommodations. I figured if these people had survived eating clothes iron eggs, so would I.

First, I struggled to maintain the iron upside down. I ended up utilizing a bag to help steady the iron. The recipes that I noticed recommended I take advantage of duct tape to maintain it steady, but for some cause that actually wasn’t working for me.

Issues simply acquired worse from there. After ready just a few more minutes, I gave up on my desired totally cooked eggs, sprinkled some cheese on it, and ended up with this soupy mess. For sure, I did not taste this one. The recipe stated that it will only take six minutes to make, but twelve minutes in my eggs were nonetheless very runny at the highest.

5. Pancakes

Lastly, the meals that started my complete quest to seek out clothes iron recipes. I mixed collectively some boxed pancake combine and crafted one little pancake onto the floor. I could not find a recipe for this one so I needed to be a bit creative. I saved used the iron the wrong way up like I did with the omelet and tried to make a type of pan with the aluminum foil.

Since I did not have a recipe for this one, I had no thought how lengthy I must watch for my pancake to work. Still, nothing happened. I even used my hand checking to see that my iron was truly sizzling (spoiler alert: it most undoubtedly was). I gave it 5 minutes, ten, then fifteen.

After twenty minutes, I was compelled to quit on my pancake. It appeared like the underside had began to become stable however there was no way I’d’ve been able to flip it. My goals of a dorm room pancake have been crushed.

Overall, the clothes iron recipe was form of a wash with some of the recipes turning out rather well and the others not quite working for me. To anybody desirous about experimenting with clothes iron cooking, I’d definitely advocate the grilled PB&J and the quesadilla. If you’re craving pancakes, eggs, or s’mores, find some friends with a real kitchens.

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