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On some Gas Furnaces and Heaters

Glass Gold LimitedPure fuel and propane burn cleaner than gasoline oil, and most fuel furnaces current fewer operational difficulties than oil burners do. In fact, the issues that affect gasoline furnaces typically contain the furnace’s thermocouple, the pilot gentle, or some part of the electrical system.

3D Wall oven MAUNFELD EOEC 586B2Gasoline furnaces and heaters have management shutoffs to forestall fuel leaks, but they aren’t fail-safe. Get out of the home, leaving the door open, and immediately call the gas company or the fire division to report a leak. If you happen to smell fuel in your home, do not turn any lights on or off, and do not try to shut off the gas leading to the furnace. Do not re-enter your own home.

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Most natural gasoline furnaces have few operational difficulties. Issues typically
involve the pilot mild, the thermocouple, or some a part of the electrical system.

On some gas furnaces and heaters, a plug-type door covers the pilot mild assembly. On different models, remove the panel that covers the pilot and fuel burners. To realize entry to the pilot burner, pull the door out of the furnace housing.

The pilot mild controls, reset buttons, gasoline valves, and thermocouple are normally contained in an assembly on the front of the furnace. The furnace restrict change is positioned on the plenum (fundamental chamber) or foremost duct junction on the higher housing of the furnace.

Now that you’re ready to repair your furnace, save some time by figuring out precisely what’s unsuitable with it. Look on your problem, and answer, on the helpful chart on the subsequent web page.

Thermostat Upkeep: To make sure there’s really an issue along with your heating system, chances are you’ll wish to test the thermostat, too. Use this chart to fix a variety of circumstances that prevent your furnace from working. Discover ways to calibrate a thermostat.


Drawback Potential trigger Resolution

Furnace will not run

LG GC-Q22FTBKL1. No energy.

1. Check for blown fuses or tripped
circuit breakers at primary entrance
panel, at separate entrance panel,
and on or in furnace; restore circuit.

2. Switch off.

2. Activate separate energy swap
on or near furnace

3. Motor overload.

3. Wait 30 minutes; press reset
button. Repeat if mandatory.

4. Pilot gentle out.
4. Relight pilot.

Dogu Pendant Lamp5. No fuel.

5. Be sure that gasoline valve to furnace is
totally open

Not enough heat
1. Thermostat set
too low.
1. Elevate thermostat setting 5°.

2. Filter dirty.
2. Clean or exchange filter.

3. Blower clogged.
3. Clean blower meeting.

4. Registers closed
or blocked.

4. Ensure that all registers are open;
be sure that they are not blocked
by tugs, drapes or furnishings.

5. System out of stability.
5. Steadiness system.

6. Blower belt free
or damaged.
6. Modify or change belt.

7. Burner dirty. 7. Name an expert.

Pilot will not mild
1. Pilot opening blocked.
1. Clear pilot opening.

2. No gas.

2. Be sure that pilot light button
is absolutely depressed; ensure
gasoline valve to furnace is totally open.

Pilot will not
keep lit

1. Loose or defective

1. Tighten thermocouple nut
slightly, if no results, substitute

Cooler fan2. Pilot flame set
too low.
2. Modify pilot so flame is
about 2 inches long.

3. Electric pilot faulty.
3. Call a professional.

Furnace turns
on and off
1. Filter soiled.
2. Motor and/or blower
needs lubrication.
1. Clear or change filter.
2. If motor and blower have
oil ports, lubricate.

Blower will not
cease operating
1. Blower control
set incorrect.
1. Reset thermostat from

2. Limit swap set flawed.

2. Reset limit swap
for stop-start cycling.

3. Limit control
needs adjustment.
3. Name an expert.

Furnace noisy

1. Access panels loose.

1. Mount and fasten entry
panels accurately.

2. Belts sticking, worn,
or broken.

2. Spray squeaking drive belts
with belt dressing; replace worn
or broken belts.

3. Blower belts
too unfastened or too tight.
3. Alter belt.

4. Motor and/or
blower needs
4. If motor and blower
have oil ports, lubricate.

5. Burner dirty.
5. Name a professional.

The pilot mild is crucial to the operation of the furnace. Learn to gentle a pilot gentle on the subsequent pae.

Thermostat Upkeep: To verify there’s truly an issue with your heating system, you may need to examine the thermostat, too. Discover ways to calibrate a thermostat. To relight the pilot, observe the manufacturer’s instructions exactly; they are often fastened to the furnace. If directions for relighting the pilot aren’t provided, comply with this common process:

Step 1: Discover pilot mild meeting. It typically has a gasoline valve with on, off, and pilot settings.

Step 2: Flip valve to off and wait three minutes.

Step 3: Swap valve to pilot setting. Hold lighted match to pilot opening while you push reset button on pilot management panel. Keep this button depressed till pilot flame burns brightly, then set valve to on place.

Step 4: If pilot flame will not keep lit, opening may be clogged. Flip gas valve off, and clean opening with piece of effective wire. If it will not stay lit after several attempts, you might have faulty thermocouple. If pilot flame nonetheless won’t stay lit, call professional service particular person.

Some furnaces have an electrical system to ignite the gasoline; in these systems there isn’t any pilot mild. As a substitute, an electric ingredient heats up and ignites the burners. If this electric ignition system malfunctions, call knowledgeable service particular person.

If the pilot light will not keep lit, the thermocouple — a safety machine — could be malfunctioning. Discover ways to change this component on the following web page.

Thermostat Maintenance: To make sure there’s truly a problem along with your heating system, you may want to verify the thermostat, too. Learn to calibrate a thermostat. It is a security machine that shuts off the fuel if the pilot mild goes out or the electric igniter fails.

If the pilot gentle will not stay lit, the thermocouple may be faulty and ought to be adjusted or changed. If the pilot won’t keep lit, replace the thermocouple with a brand new considered one of the same sort. This is the right way to change a thermocouple: Then try lighting the pilot. To regulate the thermocouple, you could tighten the thermocouple nut with a wrench. Take care not to apply a lot stress to the nut — just tighten it barely.

What You may NeedYou’ll wish to have these tools on hand to change a thermocouple:


Substitute thermocouple

Step 1: Unscrew copper lead and connection nut inside threaded connection to fuel line. Below mounting bracket at thermocouple tube, unscrew bracket nut that holds tube in place.

Step 2: Insert new thermocouple into gap in bracket. Push connection nut to threaded connection where copper lead connects to fuel line. Beneath bracket, screw bracket nut over tube. Make certain steel tube is up and copper lead is down. Be certain connection is clear and dry.

Step 3: Tightly screw nut into place, but do not over-tighten. Each bracket nut and connection nut ought to be solely a bit of tighter than if hand-tightened.

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The thermocouple is installed subsequent to the pilot mild. A bracket holds
it in place, steel tube up and copper lead down.
Restrict Switch

The restrict switch is a safety control change located on the furnace simply beneath the plenum. If the blower management has been set to ON, change it to AUTO; if the blower control is already on AUTO, the restrict change needs adjusting. It additionally shuts off the blower when the temperature drops to a sure stage after the burner has shut off. If the blower runs continuously, both the blower management on the thermostat has been set to the ON place or the restrict management swap needs adjustment. Check the thermostat first. If the plenum will get too sizzling, the restrict switch shuts off the burner.

To regulate the swap, remove the control’s cover. Below it’s a toothed dial with one side marked Limit; do not touch this facet. The opposite side of the control is marked FAN. Set the higher pointer at about a hundred and fifteen levels Fahrenheit and the decrease one at about 90 levels Fahrenheit. The pointers needs to be set about 25 levels apart. There are two pointers on the fan facet; the blower goes on at the upper pointer setting and turns off at the decrease pointer setting.

Should you scent gasoline whereas performing these repairs, you may need to get that leak taken care of right away. Find out how to search out gas leaks on the following page.

Thermostat Upkeep: To ensure there’s actually an issue with your heating system, you could want to verify the thermostat, too. These directions will assist you determine that your furnace is getting the right amount of gas, and that it is all going the place it should. Learn how to calibrate a thermostat.

Burner Adjustment

Whistling Kettle - 007The flames on the gasoline burner should be full and steady, with no sputtering and no trace of yellow. The adjustment screw is located close to the fuel valve on the pilot meeting, if the management has this adjustment feature. To regulate the flame peak on the principle burners, name knowledgeable service individual. Fuel Leaks To adjust the top of the pilot flame, turn the flame adjustment screw till the flame is from 11/2 to 2 inches high.

In case you suspect leaks across the furnace unit, stir up a mixture of liquid detergent and water. In the event you find a leak, attempt tightening the leaking connection with a pipe wrench, but be careful not to overtighten the connection. Paint this mixture on the fuel provide line alongside its connections and valves; the soapy water will bubble at any point where there is a leak. If the pipe connections or valves nonetheless leak, call an expert service individual.

Now that you know the way to repair your gas furnace, you may be in a position to remain heat and quite possibly save a number of dollars on skilled repairs.

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