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Quiz: can you Keep your Cool by Maintaining your Air Conditioner?


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About This Quiz
You’re all sizzling and bothered because your air conditioner is not cooling as nicely because it should. Don’t despair — there may be lots you are able to do to maintain it running smoothly. Take this quiz to see what all you are able to do to remain cool.

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What are the two components of a central air-conditioning system?

central pipe and evaporator

condenser and evaporator

The two components are a condenser, usually located outside, and an evaporator, normally in the main duct.

It distributes cooled air throughout the motor and up by means of the piping.

It filters air.

It distributes cooled air by means of ductwork once it has moved across the evaporator coil.

It’s essential for a properly-functioning air conditioner: It distributes cooled air by ducts after passing over the evaporator coil.

There isn’t a distinction.

The motor, blower and ductwork within the air-conditioning unit are identical for the heating unit, too.

The ductwork and blower are the same, but there are two motors: one for heating and one for cooling.

The motor and ductwork are the identical, however depending on the thermostat, the blower sucks air in or blows air out.

every season

every six months

once a yr

For optimum air-conditioner functioning, you must clean the evaporator annually.

hammer and clamps

degreaser cleanser and pipe cleaners

wire and screwdriver

Along with some wire and a screwdriver, you additionally want a stiff brush, a big hand-held mirror and little bit of bleach.

foil-wrapped insulation or sealed metal box

The plenum, an air-stuffed space above the evaporator, might be both comprised of foil-wrapped insulation or a sealed metallic field. If yours is the metallic field, you can’t clear the evaporator yourself.

Clean all sides with a stiff brush, wash the tray and clear the weep gap with abrasive scouring powder.

Clean the beneath with a stiff brush and wipe out the tray. Pour bleach into the weep hole after which unclog it with wire if needed.

Simply use a stiff brush for the underside, clean the tray and clear the weep gap with bleach or a wire if necessary. Do not use a lot water, if any.

Totally wash all accessible components and clean the weep hole with a pipe cleaner. Then enable air to blow by means of the evaporator for a couple of minutes.

to collect and take away condensation

Oster 4-slice Long Slot Toaster, Brushed Stainless Steel (6330 ...The tray is significant for carrying away condensation.

You don’t need to know. It makes no distinction which method the air blows.

You’ve to wash them on the output facet.

You might have to clean them on the intake side.

The condenser has a fan that blows air across the coils, however through which course? It’s a must to know so you can clear the coils on the intake side.

They will hinder airflow.

Overgrown vines and weeds can prove to be a real downside by blocking airflow.

They may cause the condenser to rust.

They’ll appeal to bugs to the condenser.

stainless steel



They’re made of thin-gauge aluminum, which explains why they get damaged simply.

Soak them in soapy water, then wipe with a cloth.

Soak them, then scrub them with steel wool pads.

Clear them fastidiously with a mushy brush without any water.

The fins are moderately delicate, so be gentle with only a mushy brush and no water.

that it stays dry

that there are not any cracks in it

that it’s stage

The concrete slab should be degree for efficient functioning of the unit.



grayscale photo of traditional furnaceFreon gasoline is the refrigerant utilized in air conditioners, in addition to refrigerators.

The condenser needs more insulation.

There’s a lot Freon.

There’s not sufficient Freon.

There’s in all probability not enough Freon, and the system most likely wants recharging.

Replace it with new insulation.

You possibly can change the insulation your self — just be sure you comply with the producer’s instructions.

Call a professional to have the coolant traces replaced.

Call a professional because the whole cooling system is perhaps in jeopardy.

room unit

window unit

It is also known as a window unit — as a result of it sits within the window.

Take away it from the window and take it in for repair.

One advantage of a window unit is that it is portable. If it wants skilled servicing, it can save you a few bucks by taking it to the shop.

Barter for the repair.

Beg the repair company for a low cost.

Clean the fan blades and loosen screws as crucial.

Change the blades immediately.

Clean the fan blades and tighten screws as mandatory.

Either the fan blades are dirty or unfastened — or each. Repair this case by cleansing the blades and tightening all screws.

Yes. You must only do routine cleansing and minor repairs.

Knowledgeable is essential for some duties because many elements are sealed and will solely be serviced by certified personnel.

Not at all. With directions, anyone can handle an air conditioner.

It relies upon. If you are assured you may make the repairs, go for it!com/Janice Richard

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