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Quiz: could you go without your Refrigerator?

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For some, driving a hybrid vehicle isn’t enough. Some even want to avoid wasting vitality by no longer using their refrigerator! Before deciding to offer your fridge the chilly shoulder, take our quiz to see how you can do it greatest and whether or not it is even value it.

Which of the following was a precursor to the trendy residence refrigerator?

chilly box

chill box


Ice bins held food and large blocks of ice that chilled the meals. Ice boxes have been usually made from wood, lined with tin or zinc on the inside and insulated with wooden chips or sawdust. They’d a pan to gather water from the melting ice, which needed to be changed each day.

late 1800s

Why you should avoid cooking these foods in a pressure cookerWhen refrigerators first got here available on the market in the late 1800s, they reworked the best way people shopped, stored meals and ate. Nowadays it looks like we want an invention to help us eat all our leftovers!

450 kilowatt-hours per 12 months

Those kilowatt-hours translate to roughly 660 pounds (272 kilograms) of carbon dioxide, which is about the identical amount emitted by burning 35 gallons (132 liters) of gas in your automotive. Newer, power-efficient refrigerators save a lot money that it is worthwhile to change your outdated one.

600 miles (960 kilometers)

800 miles (1,280 kilometers)

Figuring your mileage at about 23 miles (37 kilometers) a gallon (3.Eight liters), you’d have to drive some 800 miles (1,280 kilometers) to equal your refrigerator’s carbon footprint. That’s more than the gap from New York City to Chicago!




Mustard and different condiments which have a excessive acidity usually require no refrigeration. Food that incorporates no preservatives or that has dairy products in it should be refrigerated. Mayonnaise is made with eggs, so it ought to at all times be chilled.

one week

Unless you enjoy eating moldy dairy merchandise, one week is about the longest it’s best to leave them out of the fridge. Although blue cheese gets moldy as a part of its aging course of and tastes greatest at room temperature, it needs to be refrigerated before and after serving.

Free vector lightbulb and gold coins on scale flat vector illustration. tiny employee, men and women comparing creative ideas or innovation and finance. profit, economy, assessment, comparison conceptRetailer food outside.

If you reside in a cold climate or in case your power goes out within the winter, your food should be fantastic in the chilly outdoors. Think of it as nature’s refrigerator!

Submerge it in water.

Chill meals utilizing a portable air conditioner.

You’d have to start out shopping for smaller parts.

Understand and buy braun single cup coffee maker cheap onlineWhereas all these solutions could be eco-friendly, buying smaller amounts of meals can be important. You’d need to eat every thing before it spoils, so smaller quantities leave fewer leftovers to eat before they go unhealthy.

You would need to start shopping for solely organic food.

You would have to buy only in stores that promote regionally produced merchandise.


Strategies for pickling, smoking, drying, salting, canning and curing foods have been around for a whole bunch of years, in some cases millennia, and have been the norm for preserving foods earlier than refrigeration.

Next to your washing machine, your refrigerator uses less electricity than most other major appliances. Start by turning off your air conditioner if you would like to essentially save money and be extra eco-aware.

You possibly can end up buying food that uses a variety of packaging supplies.

With no refrigerator, you probably will buy less food throughout your procuring trips, however the smaller portions you buy typically use more packaging supplies than larger portions of the same factor.

You will use extra plastic wrap to retailer leftovers.

You’ll eat extra food with lots of preservatives.

You could need to throw out a whole lot of leftovers which have spoiled.

Tovala The First Smart Oven - YouTubeWhile you unplug your fridge, you need to be ready to eat leftovers very quickly before they spoil — or throw away your money if you throw away meals.

You might need to spend more money on electricity for your house air conditioning.

You’ll solely be in a position to buy costly organic produce.

utilizing a freezer to make ice for a cooler

A small freezer uses practically a 3rd of the power that an excellent high quality refrigerator makes use of. So is it really price it to do without the fridge?

Keep the refrigerator full.

The more food you retain in your refrigerator, the much less time it takes to cool down after you open and shut the door.

Retailer frozen bottles of water in your fridge.

Free vector flat design coffee plantation labels templateDon’t store extra food in the fridge than is totally obligatory.

each month

Cleansing your refrigerator coils once a 12 months ought to be enough to make sure they work nicely and do not waste a lot power.

Be certain that it correctly seals closed.

Older refrigerators often waste vitality by letting cool air leak out around the door. Test the rubber seal of yours to ensure it closes tightly all around.

Paint it a light shade to reflect heat.

Clean it weekly.


British scientists try to revitalize a refrigerator invented by Einstein and his colleague. Amazingly, it has no shifting elements, runs on pressurized gasoline and consumes no electricity at all!

solar vitality

Researchers within the U.S. are engaged on a refrigerator design that runs on a biodiesel- and photo voltaic-powered generator and uses a thermoelectric coolant.

Freon is poisonous, so other coolants are preferable. An older fridge that leaks Freon could be hazardous.

It consumes more vitality than different coolants.

It is not an efficient coolant.S., what rating can you look for that signifies you are shopping for an power-efficient refrigerator?

Energy Star ranking

In America, the Vitality Star ranking signifies the efficiency of your appliance; the upper the rating, the extra efficient the equipment. Doing your research on what kind and measurement of refrigerator you truly need helps too.

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