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RV Air Conditioner Maintenance must Do’s

Unlike camping decades in the past, almost all RVs have at least one air conditioner. Apart from cleansing awnings, resealing roofs, and checking RV batteries and water heaters, it’s very simple to neglect that your RV air conditioner needs maintenance on a regular basis too. Typically they have two, or even three.

Sure, an RV air conditioner is usually self-ample, however yearly you need to give them an excellent look to make sure all is effectively. After all, a winter spent boondocking in Quartzsite wouldn’t be a enjoyable experience. Depending on the place and whenever you journey, you’ll want-and want-your air conditioners operating at peak efficiency.

Exterior Upkeep on your RV Air Conditioner

Get yourself a ladder, and being careful the place you step on the roof, give your RV air conditioner an up shut and personal inspection. Ensure that the plastic cowl over the A/C is in good condition, and doesn’t have any cracks or splits within the plastic.

Not solely does this cover present a streamlined and semi-attractive look to the equipment, it serves one other very important objective. It helps keep rainwater and snow from stepping into the workings of the air conditioner, which would enormously shorten its functioning lifespan.

Wind, Rain, and Debris Take Their Toll

The outer plastic cover would possibly get broken over time as a result of dangerous chemical interactions of the sun’s U/V rays, or physical trauma from being struck by low hanging branches at your favorite boondocking campsite.

Over a interval of years, the effect of ultraviolet rays from the sun will actually weaken the plastic shroud to the purpose it might fully fall apart into pieces.

New shrouds on your RV air conditioner can be purchased on-line, and also you would possibly consider acquiring a excessive-quality substitute so that you simply only have to buy it as soon as.

Look for Leaks and Water Intrusion

While you’re on the roof, test that the air conditioner is securely mounted. There’s a foam rubber gasket between the A/C and the roof. If the mounting is free, rainwater may find its means into your RV, usually with disastrous consequences.

When water enters your camper, it will doubtless observe roof rafters and wall framing and come out someplace you’ll least expect. Typically you’ll assume the leak began in another location, and would never figure to check the integrity of the gaskets round your RV’s air conditioner.

If the water injury becomes severe sufficient, you could be faced with having to restore your RV’s wood flooring.

Cooling Fins Should be Straight

Check the situation of the cooling fins too. In case you have bent fins, you should use a comb or dull knife to straighten them out. Do be gentle because in case you puncture the condenser tubes you might have simply turned your air conditioner into a ship anchor! Bent-over vanes will restrict air move by the unit and drastically scale back the air conditioner’s cooling skill.

RV Air Conditioners are Single Use

bulb lightDo you know that when your air conditioner ages to the point it isn’t cooling, it becomes scrap metallic? RV air conditioners should not designed to be recharged, and all but the only repairs should not economical. About the only half you may change is the beginning capacitor for the compressor motor.

What causes the capacitor to fail?

Attempting to run the A/C on an electrical circuit rated for less than 30 amps.

Using a 15-amp reducer plug is like placing a choke hold in your RV’s air conditioner. When the A/C can’t get its required amperage, it heats up and will ultimately destroy itself. You’re going to get a low voltage situation-called a brownout.

Some giant motorhomes and trailers could have two air conditioners powered through one 30-amp energy cord. Such a setup will cycle one A/C on, and when it comes off, the cooling cycle will change the compressor on for the opposite A/C. This manner, as an alternative of requiring an excellent heavier power cord rated for 50 amps, the RV’s A/C system can operate effectively with only a 30-amp energy provide.

A part of your annual inspection should include running each A/C’s and verifying that correct load sharing occurs. You don’t want to make it out west, with temps approaching 100° Fahrenheit, only to appreciate one in every of your A/Cs isn’t working properly.

After getting inspected the outside of your air conditioning system, it’s time to go inside.

Inspect Your Air Conditioner From Inside Too

Below the plastic shroud on the ceiling of your RV, you’ll find one or two foam filter elements. These could be washed with warm soapy water and reused.

While you might have the shroud off you must vacuum the world, attempting to scrub as far into any ductwork as attainable. Though there are a pair completely different manufacturers and models of RV air conditioners, maintenance, and annual care is pretty much the same for all of them.

None of them will last lengthy attempting to run them without ample amperage to their power provide. If you are using a portable generator, that you must have one that’s rated for a minimal of 3,000 watts.

All brands of air conditioners are mounted to the roof in similar methods, and like with most things “cleanliness is next to Godliness.”

Remember, most RV air conditioners aren’t rechargeable. The most effective you can do is maintain them properly and hope they’ve a nice, lengthy life. When they fail, they’re pretty much junk.

Free vector raw water disinfected with chlorineGive Your A/C Energy a boost With SoftStartRV

The power requirements of today’s modern camping family are a lot larger than they have been a decade or two in the past. New appliances, a number of flat-screen televisions, and a dozen USB units that want charging can tax the ability system of your RV.

This further energy draw could make it robust to start the A/C, which has a large preliminary energy requirement to get going, but once running is very manageable.

You’ll be able to remedy this subject and make it easy in your air conditioners to power on by putting in a SoftStartRV A/C tender starter on each A/C unit. Whether or not you have got one A/C unit operating on a portable generator, two items attempting to run on 30-amps, or three air conditioners running on 50-amps, a smooth starter will aid you.

An A/C comfortable starter gadget like these made by SoftStartRV reduces the startup demand required by your air conditioner by as a lot as 70%. This means you can begin two A/C models on just 30-amps.

food on bowlFor huge rigs with three RV air conditioners, you possibly can easily start all three A/C items on 50-amp energy, when using your generator while boondocking, or on a long, sizzling drive. You will discover SoftStartRV gentle starters at https://www.softstartusa.com/rvlife.

Observe Your Maintenance

Keep observe of all of your RV air conditioner upkeep with a web-based software comparable to RV LIFE Upkeep. Not only can you keep all of your upkeep data and paperwork in a single place, you’ll receive timely reminders through e mail when upkeep is due, and potentially avoid a pricey repair resulting from lack of upkeep.

Whether you have a small camper or large class A motorhome, RV LIFE Maintenance can keep monitor of all of it. Preserving correct maintenance records additionally will increase your resale value, do you have to ever resolve to do so.

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