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This American-Made Washing Machine is so Good it’s Got a Cult Following

Washing machines in all probability aren’t what come to mind if you consider products with devoted cult followings. But one company that cranks out highly praised industrial machines for laundromats, house buildings and hospitals additionally makes models designed to go in your laundry room – and many owners can’t cease raving about them.

GE Cafe Appliances refregratorVelocity Queen is a Wisconsin-based brand – and yes, they build all of their washers right here within the U.S. of A. – that’s been around for 100 years, but don’t really feel bad if you’ve by no means heard of them. They don’t run any national advertisements, and also you won’t catch one of their washers in an enormous-box retailer.

But folks who have found the model are huge fans of their durability and value-effectiveness, and some say it’s the perfect washing machine you should purchase interval. Millennial homeowners in particular have shown a willingness to pay extra for what they understand as better-quality merchandise, together with family appliances. Pace Queen spokesman Randy Radtke says sales of the corporate’s house washing machines have been rising, partly attributable to people’s discontent with the best way different brands grow mold or conk out after a number of years. Pace Queen buyers also like that the machines don’t have a lot of difficult parts.

“People similar to that constructed-to-last mechanical management,” Radtke says. “We’re seeing that folks gravitate to our brand of late after going via one or two sets of laundry equipment.”

Best Washing Machine Brand: Velocity Queen?

Radtke says Pace Queen’s most popular in-home mannequin is the mechanical-management AWN432. Buy you can buy a Speed Queen washing machine at Amazon for $899. Like all Pace Queen products, this one isn’t accessible in massive-field home-improvement or electronics stores; the model makes use of independent dealers (typically, mom-and-pop outlets) to sell their washers and dryers as a substitute.

However don’t just take his phrase for it. “This is the one technique to go. A guide dial industrial Velocity Queen will outlast any of the fancy computerized pieces of imported junk available on the market,” one Amazon buyer wrote in a recent assessment. “I’ve gone by means of three American and international brand name models in the last 10 years and all failed.”

Based on the buyer Stories, “Speed Queen high-loaders are among the more reliable washer brands.” The commentary got here from a evaluation of washing machines two years ago that drew on a survey of greater than 115,000 subscribers.

Client Reports examined each a high-loading and a front-loading machine, each with electronic controls; it found that the washers could handle a load of soiled clothes in 35 minutes and fifty five minutes, respectively.

Readers gave each models practically excellent critiques. “We’re seeing that individuals gravitate to our brand of late after going by way of one or two sets of laundry gear.””>AWN432 gets an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, and greater than three-quarters of reviewers gave it five stars. “This washer is a tank… “You need this washer! Earlier than buying this machine I referred to as a number of appliance repairmen and they all really helpful Velocity Queen fingers down.” Based mostly on more than 200 Amazon reviews, the “People just like that constructed-to-final mechanical control,” Radtke says. ” one reviewer wrote about the highest-load model.

“Best washer I have bought in 50 years,” one verified user wrote.

Here’s the asterisk: They’re not cheap. (Now you can buy the front-loader for about $four hundred less, however nonetheless – that’s some huge cash given that one of Best Buy’s high-promoting washers is a high-loading Whirlpool mannequin you possibly can pick up for lower than $500.) The AWN432 now rings in at slightly below $900. The two models Consumer Reports checked out price $1,000 and $1,900 at the time, respectively.

Radtke says the numerous value distinction is due to the standard of supplies used and the engineering that goes into Pace Queen machines. We could build a cheaper machine, however you’re buying a steel product with a metal tub, metallic transmission and plenty of engineering behind it,” he says. “You’re paying for metal as an alternative of plastic.

Two components that help offset the worth, in line with homeowners, are the speedy wash cycle instances and heavy-duty spin cycle meaning much less time in the dryer. Both help homeowners lower down on energy usage, translating to decrease month-to-month utility bills.

Then there’s the longevity factor. “It seems like a cliche, however the tools I’ve in my home is from the mid-to-late 1980s,” Radtke says. And there are many anecdotes in product-overview listings and on-line forums of machines that have saved on truckin’ for 40 years. Radtke says Speed Queen’s items are examined for 25 years – that’s a total of 10,four hundred loads if you’re running the eight loads every week typical for many families.

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