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Top Load & Front Load Power

Close Up Of Water Lily On PondTherefore in the event you heat water in your washing machine to clean the clothes it’s power consumption for one hour of operation shall be 2 kWh or 2 unit of electricity.

Industrial blowerBut when you don’t heat the water then it’s power consumption for one hour of operation will likely be just 0.5 kWh or unit of electricity.
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Rated Energy of Washing Machine:Easy methods to calculate energy consumption of a washing machine:Electricity bill for utilizing washing machine:Impact of water heating on Washing Machine electricity Consumption:
Tips to reduce washing machine energy consumption:Top load Vs Front load washing machine:Conclusion on energy consumption of a washing machine:References:

Rated Energy of Washing Machine:

Earlier than we begin with calculating power consumption of your washing machine, first we have to know the overall rated energy of your whole washing machine and the electric motor, both will be found from the silver label most probably on the back of your washing machine.

In the event you can’t discover it then verify your washing machine manufacturer’s web site, there one can find your washing machine’s technical specification or go to amazon and discover your washing machine or one similar to yours and verify it’s rated power in the product description.Whereas in case you are currently trying to upgrade your older machine, I believe this list rounds up probably the most power environment friendly washing machines in India as of right this moment. Nonetheless, I’ll nonetheless urge you to discover ways to calculate the entire units consumed by your washing machine depending on its energy ranking, thereby being able to work out the running value of this essential equipment over the long term.

Easy methods to calculate energy consumption of a washing machine:

Blood pressure measurementNow that you know your washing machine rated power let’s see methods to calculate it’s power consumption.Power consumption of washing machine comes from two main equipment’s one is heating tools that gives scorching water mix to the machine and second is electric motor that rotates the drum that cleans the clothes, other auxiliary electrical components like pumps, computerized valves and digital management panels eat only a fraction of vitality.On an average a 7 kg washing machine has rated energy of 2000 watt, this contains energy to run washing machine at full load and use hot water combine to clean the clothes. (Use hot water)A 7 kg washing machine when operated with cold water (regular) has rated power of 500 watt, this includes power to run every thing in the machine, besides heating tools. (Use regular chilly water)Earlier than we begin with the calculation here’s a simple equation to calculate power consumption of any system.Power consumed (kWh) = Rated energy (kW) x Operational hours (hours)

Case 1: A 7 kg washing machine which provides hot water for cleansing has rated power of 2000 watt (2 kW) and whether it is used for 1 hour it is going to consume 2 kW X 1 hour = 2 kWh (2 Unit) of electricity. Case 2: A 7 kg washing machine used with regular water (without heating) has rated energy of 500 watt (0.5 kW) and if it is used for 1 hour it would consume 0.5 kW X 1 hour = 0.5 kWh (0.5 Unit) of electricity. Common electric has an incredible article on why you should use cold water for washing machine. check hereElectricity invoice for using washing machine: You’ll be able to see from the above calculation that if we use washing machine to heat the water earlier than washing then it consumes 2 units of electricity in an hour, whereas the identical washing machine operated with regular cold water (without heating) solely consumes 0.5 items of electricity in an hour.Should you don’t understand what is watt, kilowatt, kilowatt hour then take a look at this article.

Pico Table Lamp by HMD InteriorsTo calculate quantity of electricity invoice you will get for using your washing machine you should use this simple equation,Quantity of electricity invoice (Rs, $) = Power consumed (KWH) (items) x electricity tariff (Rs, $ / unit)So in case your washing machine makes use of 2 units of electricity in an hour and your electricity tariff is Rs 10/unit then,

Quantity of electricity invoice (Rs) = 2 X 10 = Rs 20.You need to use the under calculator to calculate energy consumption of your washing machine.

Sharp UL-C09EA-W #5Impression of water heating on Washing Machine electricity Consumption:

Every manufacturer listing down the facility consumption of their washing machine with different fabric, pace, temperature of water, load on the machine, you can check this on the manufacturer’s webpage. Under you may see specification for my BOSCH washing machine.

From this data it is obvious that utilizing your washing machine with sizzling water significantly will increase it’s energy consumption. Therefore the neatest thing is to avoid using the heating characteristic to heat water as much as potential, this wall save you lot of cash for certain.If you’re obsessive about exact numbers and need to know exactly how a lot power does your washing machine eat, then there’s a approach for that too, however it will cost you some money.
Calculate Energy Consumption Of a washing machine Using Kill A Watt Meter:

furniture, room, interior design, indoors, electronics, wall, living room, entertainment center, bedroom, shelf, tableKill a watt meter is a simple machine used to calculate power consumption of any gadget.You should purchase it from amazon utilizing this link. Kill A Watt Electricity Utilization MonitorTo use the Kill A Watt meter first you’ve got to connect your washing machine plug to the Kill A Watt meter after which plug the Kill A Watt meter in your wall socket.Then start utilizing the washing machine and you may see in real time what number of kWh (units) of electricity your washing machine is consuming.It’s advisable to take the reading for 3-7 days to get precise energy consumption.Check out this tutorial video from altE to grasp how to use a kill A Watt Meter to track your appliance power consumption.

Tips to scale back washing machine energy consumption:

After calculating your washing machine power consumption you found it is rather excessive then observe the guidelines to scale back your washing machine power consumption and avoid wasting electricity bill. Wash your clothes in cool water as often as possible.Pre-soak stains.Look forward to a full load (Tri weekly washing).Run your machine on the shortest cycle (Eco mode or fast mode).Switch off the power at the wall (No stand by mode).You may check out this text to know more – Ideas to reduce washing machine power consumption.Prime load Vs Entrance load washing machine:

Free vector city cleaning machinery isometric setWhereas buying washing machine every one of us goes by the dilemma of whether or not to purchase top load or entrance load washing machine. So far as vitality consumption goes front load washing machine consumes much less electricity and water for cleaning the identical amount of clothes than prime load washing machine, however the initial value of the front load machine is sort of high in comparison to high load.Here is a small comparability between high load and front load washing machineTop load washing machine features:- less expensive- fewer options- higher maintenance- harsher on clothes

Entrance load washing machine features:- dearer- extra luxurious features- extra vitality & water efficient- gentler on clothes- cleans better- less vibrations and noise.
Try this text to know extra detailed distinction between top load and front load washing machine and when to make use of which one.Conclusion on power consumption of a washing machine:

In washing machine main electricity consumption comes from heating device that heats the water (70%) and the rest is from electric motor, pumps, control valves, digital show (30%).To calculate your washing machine power consumption it’s important to first know the rated energy of your total washing machine and the electric motor.Energy consumption of a washing machine = Rated energy of entire washing machine x operational hours.Utilizing scorching water in washing machine will increase the facility consumption by nearly three occasions, subsequently it is all the time advisable to make use of common waster and keep away from the water heating characteristic as a lot as doable.If you like this article then feel free to share it on Facebook, WhatsApp, Pinterest, Reddit.Write your strategies or queries within the comments part.Thank you 🙂References:


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